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About Assiom Forex

Our Association has deep roots: established in 1957 under the name of FOREX Club Italy, it is the founder of the Italian financial associations. Thanks to the merge with Atic in 2001 and Assiom in 2009 (the latest deriving from the merge of Assobat and Aiote) ASSIOM FOREX is today the most important and representative financial association, both on a national and international level. With its 1,200 members, ASSIOM FOREX is a unique and cohesive voice which provides a crucial contribution to the debate on the main issues of the financial markets, also acting as the primary counterpart with the Supervisory Authority and Market bodies.


Today, ASSIOM FOREX has nearly 1,200 members.
It promotes and encourages the professional growth of financial operators through education and by disseminating technical information and market practices. It also contributes to the development and integrity of the domestic financial markets in a very dynamic and competitive European and international context.

The Association promotes the analysis, study and research of techniques, tools and issues related to financial markets; encourages the relationship with the Monetary and Financial Supervisory Authorities, both on a national and international level, as well as with Market Management Companies and other Institutions operating in the field; it strengthens partnership with national, community and international organizations in order to improve its members' activities.

With the creation of a single body, the Market and Surveillance Authorities can look at ASSIOM FOREX as the most representative counterpart of the national financial system to discuss with and share issues, proposals and requests.

In highly globalized financial markets, it is necessary, at local level, to provide adequate responses to investors and companies that are operating and competing in a very complex system. In this context, the Association carries out its activities thanks to dedicated committees and working groups, promoting activities and ideas, and soliciting the relevant financial institutions in charge with the aim of contributing to the Country's economic growth.

The Association’s task is to encourage the adoption of indexes related to the markets in which the members operate; to promote initiatives to improve the professional education of its associates; to disseminate, through appropriate means of communication, information and news on the operational technical context of the markets, including regulatory and tax issues; to support synergies with similar domestic and international associations.

ASSIOM FOREX represents an important and authoritative actor thanks to the number of its members, a unique and cohesive voice on the continental landscape that offers a crucial contribution to the European debate on new market models.
The synergic aspect at international level is achieved through the automatic accreditation of the Members as a proactive voice of the competent supranational body.

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